Top 4 Reasons to Build a New Garage

Top 4 Reasons to Build a New Garage

Typically, garages are built to park vehicles in so that they are safe from the elements. They can be constructed to house multiple vehicles if need be. Garages, especially detached garages, are also extremely versatile and can be used for several different purposes. A sturdy, functional garage can be incredibly beneficial to you and your property overall. Let’s go over the top 4 reasons to officially break ground and build a new garage.


With a new garage, you can do all the things you want without being cramped for space – park your car, store the extra boxes of kid’s clothes that you keep tripping over, or even start the hobby project you have been dreaming of. With a custom designed garage, you can create a functional and attractive space that fully meets your needs. Opting to build new rather than renovate a previously existing garage gives you the flexibility to choose its exact size (and location if you select a detached garage design). Even if you already have an attached garage, there can be an advantage to building an additional detached garage. For example, you could convert your attached garage into a guest suite and utilize the detached garage for your vehicles and other belongings.


A newly constructed garage also provides several safety benefits for you and your belongings. Garages are generally active spaces – people and vehicles are often moving about – so safety should always be made a priority.  One way that modern day garages have been made safer is the inclusion of garage doors with sensors that automatically stop operation of the door if there is an obstruction. Now, you may be thinking, “Why can’t I just slap a new door on my old garage and call it good?” The short answer is you can. Updating your garage if it is still in good condition overall is an option. However, changing a few small features on an old garage with bad bones still leaves the structural integrity of the building compromised.If you have an old garage on your property that is suffering severe signs of aging, you and all the items stored inside are put at risk every time you use it. By building a brand-new garage, you can ensure you have a structurally sound building that is up to date and up to code – especially if you invest in a trusted professional, such as Brave Homes, to get the job done.


The beauty of building a garage from the ground up is that you are fully in control of the final product. Working with your garage builder, you can design a custom garage that seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of your home. Brave Homes, for example, offers a variety of siding and roofing options, as well as a large selection of garage doors to match any style you can dream of. You can give your property a unique makeover (especially if you previously had an old, decrepit garage before) with the inclusion of a newly erected garage.


As mentioned before, a new garage provides additional space. That new space is marketable square footage – something that adds value to your property! Many people are willing to spend more money on a property that includes a sizable garage just because of the space that it offers. When beginning a garage building project, you do need to take lot size and placement into consideration. A well thought out design plan for your garage that balances out the aesthetic of your property will improve curb appeal and, in turn, increase property value. All in all, investing in a new garage will make your property more attractive in the housing market.


A sturdy, beautiful, and functional garage offers innumerable benefits for homeowners. The additional space can be customized for any use imaginable – from a safe spot to park your car to a home office, all the way to a guest suite for when the in-laws come to visit. Building a new garage provides flexibility and versatility that renovating simply cannot.If you are interested in getting started on your Calgary garage building project, give the friendly professionals at Brave Homes a call. We can schedule a complimentary on-site consultation to bring your new garage visions to life.

Thinking of building a new garage in Calgary?

If you have been thinking to build a new garage in Calgary for your property, contact Brave Homes today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We would be more than happy to help you make your dream garage become a reality.

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