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The Brave Homes team are siding contractors in Calgary. We provide installation services of various siding materials for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

We specialize in installation of vinyl siding, Hardie planks, shake & shingle, wood grain panel siding as well as CanExel siding. You will be able to choose siding materials that will perfectly compliment your style and meet your architectural requirements. As the trusted contractor for siding projects in Calgary, Brave Homes provides high-quality workmanship that is tailored to your unique needs.

Our team of in-house siding installers are experts in what they do, so you can rest assured that your building will be protected for life.

Contact us today for any siding job in Calgary and we’ll be glad to help you with your project!

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    Siding Types

    Vinyl siding

    Vinyl Siding

    Maintenance-free versatility

    Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices of homeowners because of how versatile and cost effective it is. It is available in many different colors, shapes, and orientations so you can achieve the look you want. Vinyl is also moisture resistant, which prevents molding and warping.  Another benefit of vinyl siding is that is virtually maintenance free – a simple wash will keep your siding looking good as new.

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    Hardie Board Siding

    Hardie Board Siding

    Outstanding durability

    Hardie Board Siding (also knowns as James Hardie Siding) is an innovative cement fibre siding product. Made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibres, Hardie Board siding creates an incredibly durable and attractive siding option. Its environmentally friendly and fire-resistant design is backed by a 30-year transferable warranty. Hardie Board siding is a beautiful and customizable siding option. 

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    shake & shingle siding

    Shake & Shingle Siding

    Traditional beauty with low maintenance

    Shake & Shingle siding gives you the beautiful, unique look of true cedar without the expensive, laborious, and continual upkeep. Hardie Shingles & Shakes utilize the proprietary James Hardie cement fibre composition but deliver the same rustic magnificence of real cedar shingles and shakes. Hardie Shake & Shingle siding provides reliable performance against the harsh elements of nature.

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    Wood Grain Panels

    Wood Grain Panel Siding

    Advanced metal cladding

    Wood Grain Panel Siding is an effective option that delivers superior durability and longevity. The innovative metal cladding design is non-combustible and extremely low maintenance. Wood Grain Cladding can provide the appearance of traditional woodgrain siding without all the extra work.

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    CanExel Siding

    CanExel Siding

    Superior performance; authentic look

    Tailor-made in Canada for Canadian weather, the CanExel siding line delivers all the beauty of traditional cedar with superior winter performance. Improve energy efficiency with this prefinished, engineered wood siding option that is a durable fusion of wood fibre, resin, and wax. CanExel siding is available in various color options and 3 different profiles, allowing your siding to flawlessly fit the overall aesthetic of your home.

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    About Brave Homes Inc

    We are more than a
    Construction Company

    At Brave Homes we can help you decide on the perfect siding option for your home. Whether you want to achieve a modern aesthetic or maintain a rustic façade, we have something that fits the bill. Once your siding is picked, proper installation is key as it ensures that you can fully reap the benefits of the siding you just chose. Brave Homes has been the trusted choice for installation of siding for Calgary and area homes for the last decade.

    Contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate for all your siding needs in Calgary.

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