How to Choose the Right Garage Size?

From selecting the type of garage (attached vs. detached), all the way to choosing exterior finishes, there are many essential decisions to make when planning a new garage project. Perhaps the most important of those all is the garage size. The size of garage you choose will impact just about every aspect of its use. So how do you go about making sure you select the perfect size for your garage? Follow along as we go over some key factors to consider when choosing the right garage size.


Familiarizing yourself with standard garage sizes is a good place to start when it comes to a new garage building project. Garages are generally described by the number of cars they can fit. The most common garages are single, double, or triple-car garages. The average single-car garage is around 14 ft x 22 ft. Double-car garages are usually somewhere in the 18 x 22 ft range and triple-car garages average about 32 x 22 ft. Some builders, such as Brave Homes, offer slightly larger standard garage packages, but the numbers listed are a solid starting point when beginning garage building plans. It is also important to note that these measurements are for the exterior walls. So, depending on the thickness of walls you choose, the interior measurement may be noticeably less. This impacts the overall useable floor space.  The average garage sizes listed generally allow for the respective number of (average sized) vehicles to be parked comfortably, with a conservative amount of space for storage needs.


Once you have a general understanding what the average garage size has to offer, you can begin to make decisions and adjustments to your plans based on your unique needs and wants. There are two important questions you need to ask and answer to determine the right garage size.

What are you going to use your garage for?

If you are going to be simply parking your cars and do not have any additional desires for the use of your garage, you are probably safe to stick with the averages when it comes to size. However, many homeowners have bigger dreams for their garages.

  • Storage

Tired of looking at the stack of boxes in your basement? Building a bigger garage may be the perfect solution! While average garage sizes allow for some storage space, as mentioned, they do not offer a lot of room for extras. Choosing a larger sized garage would give you the freedom to neatly and safely store the items you and your family cherish, but do not necessarily need frequent access to.

  • Workspace

If you have big plans to use your garage as an office or workspace, you may also need more space than the average garage size has to offer. For example, you may be able to choose a standard 2-car garage layout and use half as your working area if you only have 1 vehicle to park, or you could simply extend one wall to get the extra space you need.

  • Living Space

Living spaces require lots of square footage. Whether you are interested in a single guest room, or an entire family entertainment room will determine just how much extra space above the average that you are going to need. As mentioned before, detached garages are a great option, as they can be built taller to accommodate extra useable space instead of sprawling further out.

How much space do you have to work with?

Lot size and lot layout also need to be considered when determining the perfect sized garage. Depending on your property, you may be limited in your options for garage building, especially if you are interested in an attached garage.  Many modern subdivisions do not leave a lot of space between your property and the ones to either side of you, so a detached garage that can be built behind your house is the optimal solution. One of the many advantages of detached garages is that the location and orientation are quite flexible. Detached garages are also significantly easier to build up – a major bonus if you are interested in additional useable space but do not have the real estate to build a garage with greater square footage.


A garage is a valuable investment if it is done properly and choosing the right size for your garage is an essential part of the building process. Whether you want to use your new garage for work or play will determine exactly how big you need to make your garage. Working with a trusted contractor is the best way to ensure that you are getting the right amount of space for your needs at the best price.

Thinking of building a new garage in Calgary?

If you are ready to get started on your Calgary garage building project, Brave Homes is here to help. We have an experienced team of custom garage builders that will work with you to ensure you can use your garage for everything you have dreamed of, and more!

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