Concrete Jobs in Calgary

Brave Homes is a construction and general contracting company offering professional concrete services in Calgary. We specialize in building driveways and aprons, walkways, concrete garage foundations and pads. We only use the best concrete tools and materials, ensuring the result of our work is a long-lasting product. From pour to finish, Brave Homes has the expertise to complete your concrete project.

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    Concrete Services

    Concrete driveway building in Calgary

    Driveways and Aprons

    A properly constructed driveway does more than provide a path for your vehicle to travel, but it also adds curb appeal to your property. Let Brave Homes pour a beautiful and strong concrete driveway and apron for your garage in Calgary. We have the expertise to get the job done from prep to finish.  

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    Tie your whole yard together with freshly poured concrete walkways. Concrete is an excellent choice for walkways as it is a low maintenance material that offers superior strength and durability.

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    Garage Concrete Pads

    Garage Concrete Pads

    Brave Homes offers place and finish of concrete pads for your Calgary garage. Use the pad as is in your garage or treat it as a sub-floor and finish the interior of your garage with flooring that compliments your desired aesthetic.  

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    Important Questions to Ask

    Does concrete require maintenance?

    Yes. We recommend pressure washing and re-sealing concrete about once a year.

    Will concrete walkways be slippery?

    There are many ways to finish concrete walkways to prevent slipperiness. The most common is a brush finish, which creates a rough texture that still looks professional.

    What is the best finish for a concrete garage pad/floor?

    The best finish really depends on your preferences and what your garage will be primarily used for. Whether the aesthetic of your garage floor is your priority or if you are more concerned about functionality, Brave Homes will help you determine what the best finish is for your specific situation.

    When is the best time to pour concrete?

    Concrete requires specific conditions to cure properly. Concrete can usually be poured from spring through to fall in Alberta. If the temperature can be maintained above freezing and the conditions are met the concrete will set up successfully.

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    Construction Company

    Brave Homes is a locally owned and operated family construction business. We have proudly been supplying Calgary and the surrounding area with concrete garage foundation, driveway, and sidewalk services for several years. We are dedicated to quality, ensuring that every project we begin exceeds your expectations. You can trust Brave Homes to deliver top grade concrete services for your Calgary garage, driveway or walkway.

    Add value and beauty to your property with quality concrete services in Calgary from Brave Homes

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