6 Advantages of Building a Detached Garage

While attached garages have the advantage of being attached directly to your home (so you do not have to walk out of the way to get to your car), detached garages offer many other benefits that attached garages simply cannot afford. Detached garages have been regaining popularity in recent years, providing homeowners with a variety of advantages that make them an excellent option when considering building a new garage.


One of the most obvious and advantageous features of a detached garage is the fact that it is indeed detached from your home. A detached garage offers flexibility in location that an attached garage cannot offer. You do not have to build on the valuable real estate closest to your house if you do not want to.  Instead, you can keep that part of your yard open for something like an outdoor patio and build your detached garage in a separate location.  Detached garages allow for you to make the best use of the area of your lot and provides the freedom to build a custom structure wherever you want.


Another advantage of detached garages is the many customization options that are available. Attached garages are limited in size and shape based on the specs of your home, but with a detached garage the sky is the limit! You have complete control of the floor plan, size, design, and features of a detached garage.  Additionally, obtaining permits for building a detached garage is often easier and less expensive than it is for attached garages. It is also easier to expand a detached garage later if you find you need more space than what you originally thought.


Detached garages also offer the advantage of being separate from your home when it comes to security. Many people leave the door between their attached garages and the main part of their houses unlocked, providing an unobstructed access point to your home in the event of a burglary. Detached garages significantly decrease an intruder’s ability access to your home, keeping you and your family protected.


One of the most beneficial aspects of a detached garage is that it can be used for any number of activities and purposes outside of simply parking your vehicles. Because of the separation from the rest of your house, detached garages are the ideal option for home offices and other workspaces, such as painting or woodworking studios. Detached garages are practical multi-functional spaces that keep noises, odors, and clutter out of your main residence, easily maintaining a balanced home and work (or hobby) life separation.


One of the functions of a detached garage is to provide practical storage solutions.  Some of the items stored in garages – like paints, solvents, oils, etc. – are hazardous materials that should not be stored in or near your home. In the event of a fire, your home and your family would be kept safer because of the physical distance between a detached garage and the main house.


Aside from the many other advantages, detached garages just plain look good!  When care and attention are put into the design process, a detached garage can fit seamlessly in with the layout and overall aesthetic of your property. There are seemingly endless options for siding, garage doors, roofing, and other exterior finishing materials which makes it easy to achieve the exact style you desire. An expertly crafted detached garage boosts curb appeal and, in turn, can even increase the overall value of your property.


Depending on your exact needs, a detached garage may be better able to fit the bill than an attached garage. Detached garages are the ideal option when it comes to designing a multi-purpose space that offers flexibility and customization, while maintaining privacy and safety overall.

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